About Me


And So It Is Born

Sometimes it comes softly
wafting into the mind
on the spring breeze
waiting to flower into beauty
Exuding the warm glow
of the summer sun
it blossoms into fulfilment

Sometimes it begins on a stormy note
wrenched from your soul
a raging autumn tempest
ripping through your skin
dripping blood
that falls as a poem
and stains the winter snow

I’ve always liked to write, but I never did so with any regularity. Half-done stories stashed away in drawers and forgotten, poems jotted down but never shared… I enjoyed it but never thought I had any talent for it. The jury is still out on that, but now I am addicted to my drug of choice — poetry. As I write, I hope I will keep improving and learning, for poetry is a vast ocean, and I’m still just about dipping my toes in, standing on the shore.

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