Still A Believer


I’m tired of soppy love songs
entwined hearts & red roses
pimpled young things
drooling over each other on the train
trying to merge into one another
as if there’s no space in the carriage
for two more bodies

It makes me sick
You could say I’m embittered or cynical
Some measure of truth in both
I’ve gone through that phase
I can’t see how anyone could emerge unscathed
Perhaps some escape with superficial burns
My scars run deeper

So I can do without protestations of fervent ardour
grandiose gestures that mean little
Share my silences, listen to what I don’t say
we’ll see if our definitions match
I still believe in love
just not the way I used to

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Still A Believer

  1. Frederick Andrew (Rick) says:

    less is more
    an elegance
    maturity and practice demonstrate
    an eyebrow raised can instigate
    the rush of youthful embrace

    Nicely done.


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