Through A Mother’s Eyes


You’re getting old, ma, you say,
your penchant for piercing words
softened by a smile
You laugh at the grey littering my hair
the crow’s feet by my eyes
with all the arrogance of youth

You need to get a life, you tell me,
when I hover around you
I want to say, I did have a life
— before you —
that looked a lot like yours now
I fretted about school,
cried over boys,
wished I looked pretty,
had fun with friends
Everything was great or horrible
no in-betweens
I lived my life,
like you, in extremes

But it was another lifetime
Now my world
revolves around you
I beg, I cajole,
I soothe, I scold,
I shout, I nag,
I worry, I love
like I’ve never done before

Perhaps I do need to get a life
But I’ve been a mother so long
I’ve forgotten
how to be anything else
It will take a while
for me to remember
how to be something more

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Through A Mother’s Eyes

  1. I like your poem, but something about this theme makes it difficult to read – you might want to think about changing your settings so the grey text is black or do something else that increases the contrast…

  2. This reminds me of a Maya Angelou poem where she says
    “During the years when you knew nothing and I knew everything
    I loved you still,
    Condescendingly of course,
    From my high perch
    of teenage wisdom.
    I grew older and
    Was stunned to find
    How much knowledge you had gleaned
    And so quickly.”

    So relatable. Thanks for sharing.

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