Portrait Of The Soul


in a sea of yearning
for the oxygen of freedom
wanting to pull free
from the clutches of
“what ifs” and “but whys”
that cripple its flight

the soul waits
for liberation from the attractions
of a seductive world
so it can ponder the meaning of life
the purpose of its existence

that need the clean slate
of a mind wiped free
of the accumulated clutter of living
a heart rinsed clean
of the grime of attachments
a world of solitude
promoting pure thoughts

in the finite mediocrity of life
stifling limitations of the mind
physical barriers of the body
the soul waits
an eternity
for release

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Portrait Of The Soul

  1. Can the soul really ponder on the meaning of life and existence after exiting life itself ?
    Why can’t it feel free now ? why is it attached ? it will need more wisdom and experiences to liberate and the liberation will happen now while it has a body ..

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