No Answers Needed

Poetry prompt: Write a poem that is a list of questions. Try to include images – specifics, concrete words – in as many questions as you can.

Shall I ask you if you have forgotten me?
Or will I find the answer
in every question escaping my lips?

Is my face still
not cherished by your eyes?
Do you not seek the blush
of the morning sun on my skin?
Are my words
not embedded in your bones?
Is the blood
in your veins not coloured red with my desire?
Does not
every beat of your heart call my name?
Is your breath not
redolent of my perfume lingering in your mind?
Do you not long
to feel my refreshing form cling to your thirsty limbs?
Is not your release dammed within
now that I am beyond your reach?

Do you now wish you had given more, taken less?
Does my silence seem more oppressive than the darkest of nights?
Do you want to bring me back from across the distance you put between us?

Do I even want to know anymore?

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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