A Little Light


Rushing willy-nilly

for the train to work
stopped in my tracks
by the sound of joy
in a child’s chortle
A mop-haired imp
tumbles at my feet
a world of innocence
in her smile
I savour the sparkle
in her eyes
delight in the firm grasp
of her grubby fingers
leaving smudges
on my immaculate trousers
as she totters to her feet
handing me the treasure
she clutches in her hand
I look at a little yellow flower
as bright as her face
Placing it in my
outstretched palm
She turns and scampers
Into the anxious arms
Of her harried mother
Who hugs her tight
kisses her curls
gently scolds her
for vanishing like
the sun behind the clouds
My eyes follow them
till they’re lost to sight
I pick up the threads
of my now luminous day
And weave the colour
into my life

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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