Living With The Pain

Hope bled out with the red of a sunset sky
the flutter of butterfly wings fallen silent

Even before your essence slipped away
I had to relinquish the tenuous hold I had on my

barely formed kernel of maternal desire
as the detritus of love leached through open thighs

once parted to receive what would become you
now clenched as though I could hold you

within the pod of time now crumbled
into remnants of fallow days

and yet I count each of the 23 years
you have returned to prod my mind

Tall and strong, so vivid I could have spun you
out of my wishes into a flesh-and-blood manifestation

of dreams so ephemeral they only exist to spin a web
so tight around my heart it traps the pain pulsing in every beat

the only proof that I still live

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


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