The Chosen Ones

via Daily Prompt: Savor

Silently the doors
slide open
as though they know
here they are not
permitted to squeak
For a moment
I savour the hush
soothing nerves
frayed by life’s
incessant clamour

My eyes feast on
endless rows
of temptation
neatly arranged
some fat
some tall
some slim
I am pulled
this way
then that
an eager child
let loose
in a candy store

As the calm
seeps into my skin
relaxes my mind
I pick a letter
Today it is S
perhaps because
the scent of spring
from this row
I pull one out
lured by the title
Beneath The Bleeding
Blood and gore
attracts me more
than syrupy love stories

Then I meander
through the other letters
stopping at B
touching V
skimming L
reading R
Some go into
the basket
others are left
on the shelves
for another day

I can’t take them all
Like a reluctant lover
I leave some behind
hoping they will
wait for me
to return for them
The chosen ones
I carry home
eager for the
of a world
I will step into
on the first page

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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