Final Embrace

The waves are not alone
in feeling the moon’s pull
Foaming waters
raise white-tipped fingers
beckoning me

Grainy hands of sand
fall away from my feet
loosening their hold
setting me free
for the long walk

Thoughts tumble in my head
a jackpot machine
rolling endlessly
spewing fragmented images
that rise then fade
as I slot memory coins
into my mind

unheeding of where I step
not noticing the earth
go from dry to damp
the footprints I leave
for an instant
the wind whispering
in my hair
the water lapping
at my toes

rising to envelop me
as I commit myself
to its icy arms
No joyful death, this
just the slap
of cold reality
one last time

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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