A Kinder Love

Thoughts of you
drift on the
gentle breeze
I watch them
float away
wanting to
reach out
and pull them back
Their absence
leaves me bereft
of the warmth
they bring
when a flush
heats my face
lights a fire in me

I must let them go
if I want
to save my sanity
They drive me
to madness
through my mind
spinning me
into a vortex
of longing
from which
there is no escape

How I wish
for a kinder love
to fulfil me
of long walks
in the summer rain
Arms that
hold me close
and thaw
the winter chill
A shoulder
to rest my head on
as we watch
autumn leaves
turn golden
spring flowers
blossom into beauty
A love for all seasons

Such a love
is not mine
And so I set free
thoughts of you
hoping they will
return to me
one day

Β©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “A Kinder Love

  1. Loving the way that you weave those words and intertwine them into a beautiful piece of art. Really love the vogue that you have during writing, the way that your expressions flow in your poem. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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