Descent Into Depression

Razor sharp teeth
rip apart
the slumbering dawn
rudely awakening
a reluctant day
a beast unsatiated
Ever seeking
to stamp its emptiness
on life
Draining the colour
from everything it touches
taking the shine away from the sun
the sparkle from the stars
the glow of the moon
Tipping solitude over the edge
into depression’s black hole
where no emotions exist
turning energy into apathy
A soul set adrift in nothingness
barely able to remember
memories of shared times
the comfort of reaching out
for a hand to hold
the balm of a shoulder
to rest a weary head
the magic of eyes meeting
in a roomful of faces
Now there are only
infinite vacant moments
adding up to a unwanted lifetime

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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