Recipe For Disaster


The smooth shell
defies me
But I must break the egg
to set free
The cake I want to bake
For you

A gentle tap
Creates a crack
Spreading on the surface
Hard to keep track
As the liquid mess
Leaks out

Like my heart
When it breaks
How your indifference
Makes it ache
To be whole
Once again

Now it is done
Yellow yolk
Like sunshine in a bowl
Waiting to soak
In the flour
I add

A cupful of sugar
Toss in
a handful of raisins
From the tin
Whisk it all into a
Pale confusion

Will it rise
Golden brown
This gooey, sticky mix
Or sink down
into a failed attempt
Like our love

The hot oven
Is an angry red
Stray embers rising
From the dead
Debris of our

No courage to face
the heat
I pour a shot of whiskey
Drink it neat
Dump the dessert

End this farce

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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