She has no qualms
about saying no
albeit in a silken tone
that cloaks the steel
in her sweet voice
Two letters,
one word
with all the power
to break my heart
every time she says it
and that’s all the time now

It could be worse
for sometimes
she says nothing at all
A blank gaze greets
my angry demands
looks through
my desperate pleas
Then she rolls her eyes
and halts my diatribe
in mid-stride

There was a time
when every question
was answered
with a bubbly “yes”
a ready smile
Did I blink and miss
the switch
From an eager to please
cheerful toddler
To a solitary teenager
inhabiting her own universe

And when I ask permission
to enter her world
She says no
in a steely tone
with no hint of silk
to soften the blow

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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