Change Is Inevitable

Incessant chatter
has given way
to sullen silence
Head bent
fingers flying
you carry on
digital conversations
that have no use
for your chirpy voice

I sit across the table
not daring to speak
lest you flick
an angry glance
my way
The lovingly cooked meal
on your untouched plate
congeals into
an unappetizing mess

I try not to mind
but I feel my heart tighten
Tears rush easily to my eyes
I marvel once again
at the power you have
over my emotions
I wonder when
you learnt to wield it

I am a-maze-d
at the change
I see in you
It is inevitable
I suppose
but I was not prepared
for how much it hurts

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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