Story On The Waves

A little boot bobs on the water
In its faded pink, I see a tale
Once on a plump foot
taking baby steps
now it drifts at the
mercy of the tides
The holes where laces
were once threaded
I fill with the portrait
of a girl in pigtails
as dark as the stormy ocean
eyes as blue as the
waters on a sunny day

Perhaps her laugh sounded
like the foam
crashing on the rocks
Her tears rippled
on her cheeks
when the breeze
touched the drops
She may have skipped
along like the surf
when chased by the wind
and danced as the frothy tips
on cresting waves
And when she slept
Her small face calmed
as the ocean on a quiet day

I wonder what became
of the little girl
Did she grow up
lush as the swelling sea
on a full-moon night
Or was she swept away
by a tsunami
that ripped lives apart

The little boot bobs silently
in an endless rhythm
And I taste the story
in the brine
drifting to my lips
on the gentle breeze

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “Story On The Waves

  1. This reminded me of Hemingway’s shortest story: “For sale: baby shoes never worn.” It pains me to think that perhaps the little boot may not have been worn at all. But on a happier note, I hope she sailed to a bright future 🙂 I love the imagery you used 🙂

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