No Damsel In Distress

Clinging is for vines
or creepers
You don’t see them
climbing on their own

I have a spine
If you think
it’s made of steel
you may be right

I have learnt
the hard way
to depend only
on myself

Yes, it can be tiring

Sometimes, I wish
I was one of those
(or pretending to be)
It must be great
to always have
a willing man
rushing to one’s rescue

But I’m no
simpering beauty
And I don’t know
how to act helpless
I’ve been so strong
for so long
I’ve forgotten
how to lean
on someone

It may make me
look unyielding
But I have no desire
to learn new tricks
If you walk away
I may not stop you
But why would you
unless you want
to play at
being a knight

And if you do
I have no use for you
I want a man
who is my equal
who can quaff a beer
as easily as sip
a delicate wine
Who can laugh
and love openly
Who will walk
not ahead
or behind
but by my side

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


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