Find Your Path

You’re in a hurry 
to go beyond 
the confines 
of the only world 
you’ve known 

I understand 
There still are bonds 
I strain to break 

You’ve had your 
first taste of freedom 
enjoyed the thrill 
of discovery

I understand 
its seductive appeal 
I still dream 
of being free 
to follow my heart

You pull away 
willing to forsake 
familiar comforts 
to savour the thrill 
of the unknown

I understand 
I still look 
for a new passion 
to jolt me 
out of the rut 

Where once 
I fretted 
unwilling to let you 
out of my sight

I now realise 
the time has come 
to step aside 

I won’t hold you back 
for I know 
you need to fly

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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