Love’s Journey


Love is first
a bubbly brook
rushing to meet her lover
She glows in sparkling attire
adorned by glints of sunlight
ruffled by wind

Frisky energy
takes her far
before feelings
and she slows
Her heart grows bigger
absorbing the love she receives
she opens her arms
giving generously

On she flows
just a little weary
muddied by sorrow and strife
Differences stretch her wide
memories silt up on either side
Yet she cannot stop
even as her lover
turns away from her

Parting causes her
to heave and roil
Her loss overflows
to flood the world
In her misery and rage
she leaves a trail of havoc
wrecking everything in her path

Her anger spent
she quietens once again
She know her struggles are past
She has reached the end
She empties herself
in the vast ocean of acceptance

Love falls in love again

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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