To My Friend

We’ve shared fun times
you and I
Giggled over boys
cried over them
Celebrated the present
anticipated the future

We grew up but never grew apart
Even now
thousands of miles apart
you sense my despair
My silence speaks to you
An unerring instinct tells you
I need a shoulder to cry on 

You reach out and pull me
out of the shell
I retreated into
to nurse my grief
At your urging
I pour out my woes
You bear the burden lightly

To you
my troubles are not trivial
My dilemma is not delusion
I tell you things I hide from
You are the mirror
in which I see
hidden facets of myself

To have you in my life
is a privilege so rare
I thank the heavens
for creating the day 
I met you, my friend

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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