Weight Of Years


The years
have piled up
like the hair
I roughly bunch up
missing the weight
on my nape

Odd that I carry
the weight
of the years
more lightly than the
extra ten pounds
that sit more snugly
on my hips

seeking the heft
of your hands
on the curves
that have crept
on to my bones

Would I clasp them
with mine
urge them
up my body
revel in their caress
on my skin

Who knows where
that would take us

Desire rumbles
like the thunder
But there will be
no rain
to quench the thirst

Those years
have long settled
on us, heavily

You carry yours
in soft squishy flesh
I carry mine
in bitterness and regret

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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