A Summer To Remember

Written for a prompt: Let this picture fire up your imagination.


Reeled into your
scorching arms
I burned
as did the universe
that scalding summer

Tiptoeing out into
the midday heat
with the world
in somnolent slumber
I sped to the
rippling river’s edge
where you waited every day
that simmering summer

and we burned together
in a wildfire of our own making
oblivious to the invitation
of the welcoming water
a stone’s throw from where
our desire took flight
that seductive summer

I felt the earth’s hot breath
caress my satiated skin
My eyes drinking in
your sinewy muscles
as you sent stones
skimming on the waves
that sizzling summer

Now, when temperatures soar
I replay in my mind
scenes filmed by
an ardent heart
that sensational summer

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


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