You observe, not
just the vase
precariously perched
on the edge
From the corner
of your eye
you watch me

You have seen me
Shards of rage
have pierced
your armour, you have
smelt blood — your own —
now you want mine

I fight to keep
an impassive countenance
while anger bubbles within
If the volcano explodes
you will claim victory
once again

Familiar demons prod me
to lash out
The deep breath I take
stirs the stillness
tipping the vase over

It splinters on the floor
once precious
now reduced
to worthless slivers
sparkling stars
marooned on earth

You turn away
unwilling to face
the incandescent
tsunami hurtling
towards you

I crouch on the floor
sweep up the pieces
cutting myself
on sharp edges

The fury flows
out of me
I feel nothing
I feel free

I win

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


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