Poetry prompt: write an erotic poem which includes nature themes

Silently the moon peers through
the billowy drapes, its silver light
skimming past a silken trail
tossed aside by a tornado
of desire, unleashed by
a frenzied meeting of lips

The storm breaks, your breath
slithers down my skin
Your mouth stops
at each dip, every peak
tasting, pausing
My body arches
my nails rake a symphony
of pain down your back
my legs twin pythons
coiling around your willing form
You slide into lava
pouring out of my core
mingling with the fierce gush
of your release

We are empty, yet filled
spent yet fresh

The moon gathers slick bodies
into its cool embrace
Unnoticed, the sun
slips into the room
unwilling to leave

For is this not heaven too?

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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