Unspoken Truth

The truth

it trembles
on the tip of my tongue
not quite ready to be said
yet yearning to be set free
A bird
trying to spread its wings
within the bars
But if I should open the door
it would hesitate to venture out
So long has it been caged

The truth

it quivers
with every breath I take
wanting to burst forth
Rain-laden clouds
hovering low in the sky
wishing to cast off their burden
yet holding back
waiting for a bolt of courage
to rip apart their reluctance

The truth

it shivers
with the delicious
anticipation of release
A butterfly
nestled in a cocoon
aware that soon it will fly free
in a blaze of beauty
clinging to the last moments
of familiar comfort

The bird
The clouds
The butterfly

They will all be free

But the truth

Sometimes it’s best left unspoken

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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