A Kiss In Time

This iconic photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, NYC, became the symbol for the end of World War II on V-J day, August 14, 1945. Write their story.

 It is over

Tears, cheers in the ward
Smiling faces
Hugs all around

The war is done

Relief courses
through my veins

No more rivers of blood
No more broken bones
No more holding soldiers
in my arms as they die
No more flowing tears
of those who mourn their loss

I trudge back home
through streets filled
with people celebrating
Strangers in a fleeting
bond of friendship

I walk, head bowed,
unable to summon joy
for I am too filled with sorrow
of what has gone before

Then, suddenly,
I feel myself fall
but it’s only him
sweeping me into his arms
covering my mouth with his

When he lets go
bouncing off with a grin
I feel a smile
stretching unused muscles

It stays on my face
for the rest of the day
and always returns
whenever I think of him

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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