Wrapped In A Napkin

Writers’ Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 350

For today’s prompt, write a napkin poem. I guess that could be a poem about a napkin or that involves napkins, but I think my original thought for this kind of poem would be a poem that might be scrawled onto a napkin in a rush–or maybe even slipped across (or under) the table to someone sitting with you. So maybe a warning or an invitation. As always, take the prompt where you will.

In the little red box

at the back of the shelf

I gently unwrap

a yellowing napkin

in which nestles

a little white tooth

the first one to fall

from your rosebud mouth

My heart swells as

I pull out a fresh tissue

roll up the pearly keepsake

tuck it neatly back

a treasured memory

I will gaze on fondly

another time

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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