Stain Of Names

Poets United: Midweek Motif: Bullying
Your challenge: In a new poem, put yourself in the position of bullied, bully, ally or observer.  Bring awareness to the nature of bullying and/or the solution.

they called her,
cruel, vengeful
taunting names
that won’t trip off
my tongue

But they are stuck
in my mind

Her visage
reminded me
of the
blazing sun
sinking beyond
the horizon

The image seared is
in my heart

Hers didn’t shine
the glorious
vermillion of pride
it was the
abject crimson
of shame

It still stains
my conscience

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “Stain Of Names

  1. Bullying is quite a shameful thing to take part in (or even ignore). Children are cruel but if not admonished then they will grow up with the same attitude. A leftover trait from when we were but animals in our behavior sadly this has stuck as means of domination even today. We are better than that but the trait lingers on.

  2. A clever use of colour here – perhaps she knew that you felt her pain too – i am sure she understood how hard it is to stand out from the crowd in fear of becoming the next victim..

  3. Wow! I felt this stain as your words flowed through me. The crimson sticks, oh yes, from witnessing, or even just listening. Action might help, but still, bullying hurts everyone. Brilliant, understated poem.

  4. The memory of knowing someone was bullied stay with a person for a long time to come. I think sometimes one looks back & wonders what one could have done to stop the attacks on another.

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