Elephants Never Forget


For you, there was no drought
You romped in
evergreen environs of love
Showered with the
welcome rain of attention
you basked nonchalantly
in the blinding adoration
shining down on you

I lumbered in the shadows
Waiting to soothe
your restless soul
after the curtains fell

It was not envy I felt
for I knew I could never be
a graceful gazelle
I paid homage
to your slender form
your sharp visage
your nimble gait
A sharp contrast
from me —


Opposites attract, you see

And so you sought me out
You called me the rock
on which we built your fame
I churned the waters below furiously
while the surface stayed calm
I smoothed the kinks
from your day
kept your nights peaceful
Together we launched you
to stardom

As you rose to giddy heights
your feet no longer
touched the ground
You found many others
to boost you
you cast me aside
You only wanted
to be surrounded by beauty
Ugliness depresses me, you said

Alone, sustained only by memories
I now watch from afar
as you drift without my anchor
Soon the castles in the air
will crumble
You will plummet to earth
seeking the rock
that steadied your world

You will not find me
for I may have forgiven
your thoughtless cruelty
but I still remember the hurt
you so easily inflicted

Elephants never forget, you see

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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