Going Home

Trembling hands
sort out belongings
for a long awaited
journey across the sea

Too long spent
in a foreign land
adding years
she did not want
to live away from
the place she called home

The light dims
in tired eyes
yet an eager heart
urges patience

When known scents
waft in the air
a familiar sun
warms old bones
feet feel the touch
of a loved land
her travels
will be done
Then, she can rest

© 2016 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

14 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. may be we all wait in our inner self for the call of home coming…beautifully penned……
    i think you might check your link @ Poets United, it wasn’t responding…i got to your blog from google…

  2. I wrote a comment (though I don’t see it here), but I called you Gemma. Please forgive my mistake Uma. I had just read Gemma’s comment and her name stuck in my mind. So sorry.

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