Blue In A Dress

Glorious azure
of a summer sky
heralds a lovely day
packed in a picnic basket
Sandwiches and red
chequered spread
Lazing in the green grass
weaving stories out of
clouds floating above
Dreaming of a life
spent in your cerulean eyes

The exact same shade
of the dress I had on
when you called me gorgeous
You traced the pattern
of the delicate lace
and I, feeling the warmth
of your touch,
hoped the fabric
would soak up
your essence
so you always felt close
when I wore it again

It now hangs untouched
in the dark recesses of my mind

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

22 thoughts on “Blue In A Dress

  1. Was it too perfect? I am romantic enough to wish it had lasted, repeated, and the dress never ended up in the “dark recesses of my mind.” What a fine poem!

  2. The last line is touching but at least it is a key to those warm memories – you have evoked so many haunting images and feelings..particularly love all the colours you convey

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