Theatre Of Life

Perched on your lofty throne up above
Looking down as life plays out
on the stage called earth
I wonder, what is it you see
Is life a musical, full of song and dance
A relentless rhythm to which people sway
Is it a fun-filled drama of laughter and joy
Or a soap opera of complicated lives
Is it a tragic tale of crime and hate
Or a blood-soaked saga of war
Does your smile shine down as the sun
And your tears fall as rain
Does your anger rumble as thunder
And your fury flash as lightening
Do you draw a curtain of clouds
when it gets too painful to watch
Do your eyes twinkle as the stars
when your soul is touched
Do you relate to it at all
Or do you watch because you must
Oh you, who is made of stardust

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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