In The Midnight Of Our Days

In the midnight of our days
slumped in our careworn chairs
I look back at the dawn
of our first meeting
when we were not high enough
to reach the cookie jar
on the counter top

Shared conspiracies began then
as we gorged on life’s gourmet spread
Childhood served up carefree days
garnished with cuts and scrapes
and bruised knees
unheeded in our headlong rush
to meet the next adventure

We added inches and years
and new escapades
You sat at the next table
in the classroom
a reassuring presence
constantly by my side
I grappled with lessons
and watched you excel
as your intelligent mind soared
on the drifts of brilliance

The world intruded on our idyll
but we still made time
to discover life’s pleasures
We celebrated love
healed bruised hearts
with wine and cookies
through sleepless nights
every heartbreak mended
by friendship’s balm

Time flew, our paths diverged
I saw you rise and rise
You flew across the oceans
to make your mark on the world
I was lost in the morass of mediocrity

And yet, and yet
I tasted your success
exulted in your achievements
I scaled the pinnacle
riding on your triumphs

Perched on the peak
you never lost sight of me
as we carved different paths
to our destinies

The years sit lightly now
on our stooped shoulders
the cookie jar out of reach once more
But we’ve had our fill

Replete, I sit by your side
And there is no greater joy
than to be with you, my friend
and watch the setting sun
in the midnight of our days

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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