Are you happy,
you ask
the question drifts away
on the breeze
of your arms waving goodbye
before I can answer

Long after you are gone
I ponder, what is happiness?
Is it what I feel when I glimpse
a fluffy white wisp floating
in the bright blue above
the dimple in a fat little cheek
lilting music of raindrops
pattering on leaves
aroma of baking
floating on the air

Was it how I felt
when my senses
thrilled to your touch
or my heart sped up
to meet your voice
When I could say I love you
knowing you would say it to me too

If you had paused to listen,
I would have said,
I’m not unhappy
Would you have taken it to mean
the same as being happy?

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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