The Day I Discovered BBC World Service

Where was I that day?

Poring over figures, eyes glazing over
unable to strike a balance
between profit and loss
accountancy was never quite my thing

(looking back I am not surprised
it has been the same with life)

striving to add to this column
take away from that one
under the watchful tutor?s eye
mind drifting to the favourite tv show
later that night
Lesson over, rushing to
get the first bus home
the streets usually empty
not even a stray car passing by
worrying at the eerie silence
the shutters down on shops
no such thing as too much information
in those days

Finally a bus trundled up
not one that would take me home
but close enough
to walk the rest of the way
plenty of seats
too keyed up to sit
almost tumbling out
dashing home
as if the devil was at my heels
rushing to make it in time
for the show
On the TV, though
only mournful music played
And then, on the news
a solemn announcement

?Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi assassinated?

So that?s why the world had suddenly changed
Days of rioting, killing, burning, looting
No school, no entertainment on TV
And I, stranded at home, but safe
discovered BBC World Service
on the radio

This page in history is from October 1984. New Delhi. India”

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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