Looking through my little book of memories
I found the letter you wrote me
The edges frayed, the words faded
But once it was fresh and new
just like the love you said you had for me
I read it countless times
until the words danced before my eyes
and I twirled along
carried away on the wings of your passion
I can’t live without you, you wrote
and life seemed endless
Every minute apart is a lifetime, you claimed
And I saw time crawl
My love is as deep as the ocean, you swore
And the waters parted to embrace me
Every cliché was a newly minted promise
glinting like gold that is now dross
worthless like your promises
that have lost their sheen
You do live, happily, without me
The lifetime apart has drowned me
in a deluge of minutes
I crumple the words in my fist
And they crumble like your love did

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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