I wait in the corner
for you to
enter the room
a shrinking violet
in a sea of roses
Restless fingers
comb unseen tangles
from unruly hair
brush my dress
for any unseen crumbs
still clinging
like a jealous lover
My eyes dart
like a hovering
flitting here and there

But there’s no sign of you
A waiter passes by
stops to see
if I need a drink
I take a glass from
his laden tray
then another
I gulp it down
in one breath
not like the other women
who sip and nod
delicate as the
pearls around my neck
choking what little pleasure
there was in the evening
because you’re not here

My watch ticks on
I’m surprised to see
only an hour has gone by
It seems as though
I’ve been waiting since eternity
The corner’s tired of me
Wanting some variety
I get to my feet to find
another quiet spot
One step then I freeze
my heart thumps louder
in tune to the music
rising to a crescendo
I sense you in the room
your fragrance fills the air

Time stops as I wait
for you to come to me
I murmur the words
I will say to you
drawing curious glances my way
But you’re drawn away
from me by the roses
blooming as you cast
your precious gaze on them
You stop, you laugh
share a word and a smile
nod and touch
them with a gentle hand
Another lifetime passes by
before you look my way
I still stand in the corner
unmoving, unblinking
A smile grazes my face
And fades when I notice
you didn’t notice me
at all

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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