Among The Ruins

The wrecking ball
swings merrily
Tears of rubble
stream down
broken walls

With each uncaring blow
a loved childhood home crumbles

Among the ruins
splintered shards
of treasured memories
hold a kaleidoscope
of ever-changing scenes

A joyous time recalled
of innocent pleasures

Sneaking out
on hot afternoons
for an ice-cold soda
Raiding the kitchen shelves
for tidbits to silence
growling stomachs

Hauling buckets of water
to cool off by the well
Lying beneath the stars
for the forbidden thrill
of listening to ghost stories

Now the final blow lands
the dust settles
on the good times
The past buried
but not dead
It now lives
in the heart

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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