After You Left

Neatly made bed
Sheets stretched tight
Pillow plumped up
No indentations indicating
you ever slept here
How I hated
the mess you made
piling all your stuff on it
ignoring the cupboards
where it was meant to be

The chair you sat on all day
holds only newspapers
you messily folded up
How it annoyed me
the haphazard way
you bunched them up
I would try
to smooth out
the creases
in vain
And you never
learnt to do it right

The television that blared
all day long is blank
You never looked at it
your lids drooping
You never listened
when I asked you
to turn it off
I never realised
you needed the sound
to mask the loneliness

Now you are gone
the room an empty shell
It misses the warmth
of your presence
And so do I

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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