Freedom’s Price

Freedom’s Price

Flowing, like a river in spate,
her dress ripples over the steps
Sweaty palms clutch
a bouquet of unopened buds
in virginal white
reflecting her innocence
On her flawless face
a mask of makeup
hides the turmoil

For this moment
she has been groomed
all her life
a sacrificial lamb
to be slaughtered
at the altar
Her duties drilled into her:
To serve
To pleasure
To satisfy

Her dreams
Her hopes
Her ambitions

Silently though
she has prepared
for her leading role
on this, her biggest stage
Steadily she walks
down the aisle
gazing down
at her silkshod feet

Stepping up beside the man
who, she has been told,
will own her body and soul,
from this day forward
she lifts her head
to gaze defiantly at the world
before she collapses
in a rustle of silk

She doesn’t see the shock
She can’t hear the gasps
Her life, the price
for her freedom

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