Your sweet smile
rips my heart
A dagger slicing
through tender flesh
Your kind voice
sears my mind
Scalding drops
That leave deep scars
Your gentle touch
sets me on fire
marking my skin
with angry blisters
Your words
choke the hope
out of my soul
they are not the ones
I want to hear
Your face is etched
in indelible ink
of my tears
on the canvas
of my mind
My breath sticks
in my throat
Every heartbeat
is an ache
as I struggle
to imagine
a life without you
Perhaps it is pain I love
and suffering
For why else would I inflict
upon myself
the agony
of your company
I smile I laugh I talk
I pretend you mean
nothing to me
though you are
I ever wanted
But can never have

© 2014 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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