The Night Comes For Us

You come to me 

when deserted lanes 

are drenched 

in the shadows 

of our passion 

The moon 

a willing accomplice 

gently lights the path

for ours is a 

forbidden love 

lighting up the dark 

You step silently 

through the empty street 

Even the slightest sound 

can give us away 

The wind obligingly 

blows the other way 

All the windows 

are shut 

to keep out the cold 

I open mine 

to welcome your heat 

Every second with you 

sparkles like the stars 

Every minute 

is brighter than the sun 

We cannot stop time 

from ticking inexorably 

towards dawn 

but the night comes 

just for us

© 2014 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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