The Woman I Call Mother

The woman I call mother
opened her arms to me
when I was just three
took me into her heart
gave me her life
A love so strong
born deep within her
forged an
inexplicable bond
that holds us together

She didn’t have
a fancy degree
learning it all —
Hard work
Undying faith —
in the school of life

She toiled to give me
all the love
denied to her
She taught me
to always
give my best
do the right thing
pick myself up
and carry on
each time I stumbled

And yet I wonder
about the woman
who brought me
into this world
and left before her time
A woman so different

What kind of a mother
would she have been?
Would she have
taught me
shaped me into
someone other than
what I am today?

I never knew
my “real mother”
as she is called
To tell the truth
I never missed her
for I got all the love
a child can get,
and more
from the woman
I call mother

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


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