How The Magic Fades


Furtive afternoons stolen from life
squandered in a hotel room
whose faded yellow curtains
And not quite white sheets
I never did notice
That funny musty odour
disinfectant mingling
with a strange scent
didn’t bother me

All I could see
was the spotless shirt you shed
The tan lines on your fair skin
I inhaled your clean fragrance
dusted with the cologne
you always wore
The feel of your
fumbling fingers
as you undid the buttons
on my dress
the smile that played
on your face
when you finally succeeded
I couldn’t breathe
as you reached for me
we melted like the candles I lit

But now
as i wait for you
I notice all that I had missed
the fading paint on the walls
the scuff marks on the carpet
the grime on the windows
the chipped wood of the table
The sun streams
into the room
highlighting every flaw
its rays touch
They fall on me too

the magic fades

© 2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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