Unseen Flames

There are many ways
to burn
I choose to sizzle
for love
until all that is left of me
is a pile of cinders
still smouldering
with feelings
not even your indifference
can douse

My skin is singed
where you touched it
your fingers left
a blazing trail
where they caressed me
Your eyes seared my heart
with your brand
I carry long after
you gave up ownership

My memories are scorched
with your face
scalded by longing
charring me slowly
until I fear there will
not even be ashes left
to mark my existence

Though I constantly
fan the hope
of the fire
eating itself dry
an errant thought
is the match
igniting a hidden spark
sending flickering embers
roaring again

And yet — I fail to fathom
even as I am consumed
by passion’s inferno —
why the flames enveloping me
are invisible to the world

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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