Not Again!

You come around
wrapped smugly
in your newness
all cheery and bright
basking in the welcome
thrown lavishly for you
In your sparkly attire
you think you signify
a fresh beginning

I’ve seen you
so many times
Now I dread your arrival
Each time I spot you
on the horizon
I want to hide
from the bonhomie and bustle

Perhaps I am jaded and weary
For I find nothing to rejoice
in the way you preen and prance
in the confetti showered on you

Like a curmudgeonly aunt
who spoils the party
with her grumbling
all I can tell you is

Soon the lustre will fade
Tarnish will dim the sparkle
As life crashes the celebrations
and months roll by
the new will fall away
and only the year will remain
like so many others
that have come and gone

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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