Rhythm Of Us

Lively beat of the music
sets my feet tapping
echoing the rain pattering on the roof
From across the room
you spot me
From the corner of my eye
I see you weave your way to me
I pretend not to notice
anticipation spinning my pulse
into a quick tempo
You take my hand
haul me to my feet
Away we go
twirling to the tune
in perfect rhythm
as though this was what
we were born to do
Flushed, laughing, breathless
I come alive only with you

The rain gentles its patter
The night grows old
The lights dim
The music slows
My breath catches
my heart skips a beat
I feel the exquisite thrill
of you sliding your arm
around my waist
pulling me close
So close I can feel every inch of you
burning every inch of me
I link my arms around your neck
turn my cheek into your heated skin
close my eyes as we melt into the music
just you and me… for eternity

© 2015 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

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