My Father’s Daughter

Molten gold in the glass
catches the light
shows me a faded image
still etched in dusty
corners of my mind

a melancholy figure
your lean fingers
wrapped lovingly
around your oblivion
the empty bottle
sitting forlornly
on the table

as I thirst for solace
in the same spirit
seek similar numbness
I wonder
Am I my father’s daughter,
after all

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

Final Embrace

The waves are not alone
in feeling the moon’s pull
Foaming waters
raise white-tipped fingers
beckoning me

Grainy hands of sand
fall away from my feet
loosening their hold
setting me free
for the long walk

Thoughts tumble in my head
a jackpot machine
rolling endlessly
spewing fragmented images
that rise then fade
as I slot memory coins
into my mind

unheeding of where I step
not noticing the earth
go from dry to damp
the footprints I leave
for an instant
the wind whispering
in my hair
the water lapping
at my toes

rising to envelop me
as I commit myself
to its icy arms
No joyful death, this
just the slap
of cold reality
one last time

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

A Kinder Love

Thoughts of you
drift on the
gentle breeze
I watch them
float away
wanting to
reach out
and pull them back
Their absence
leaves me bereft
of the warmth
they bring
when a flush
heats my face
lights a fire in me

I must let them go
if I want
to save my sanity
They drive me
to madness
through my mind
spinning me
into a vortex
of longing
from which
there is no escape

How I wish
for a kinder love
to fulfil me
of long walks
in the summer rain
Arms that
hold me close
and thaw
the winter chill
A shoulder
to rest my head on
as we watch
autumn leaves
turn golden
spring flowers
blossom into beauty
A love for all seasons

Such a love
is not mine
And so I set free
thoughts of you
hoping they will
return to me
one day

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

A Performance

Silks swish
heels click
voices murmur

Sounds settle

Lights dim
a hush falls
pure notes swell
into the total silence
rise and fall

The heart soars
the body thrills
as the bow
caresses strings
evoking emotions
resonating in the soul

The hall fills
with dulcet strains
ascending to a
pinnacle of perfection

Then all falls quiet
before applause
collides with the rafters

And the music
continues to play

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

Just Tonight

Just this once,
let my silence
speak volumes

Read in my eyes
the words
clinging to my lips

Let the whisper
of romance
twinkle in the
perfumed air

Explore the map
the dim candlelight
fashions out of my skin

Be charged by the passion
that crackles between us

Drown in the desire
that engulfs our limbs

Find the release we seek
in each other

Tomorrow we may be
strangers again
Tonight, know me as though
I have always been yours

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved

I See

In eyes dimmed with age
I see the lustre of love

In skin wrinkled with time
I see tender folds of pleated silk

In hands gnarled by years
I see the strength of experience

In a voice trembling with fatigue
I hear the words of wisdom

In a face marked by sorrow
I see the reward of peace

In a body bent by toil
I see the value of effort

I wonder if the world is blind
or if I see beautiful things
in humble places
where others see nothing

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved


The grief sloshes inside
the way a few extra fingers
of whiskey do when I try
to drown the sorrows

When the high evaporates
along with the alcohol
the despair once again
returns to high tide

I would let it all
pour out at your feet
But how can I
shatter your illusions
You, who are oblivious
to the war I wage every day
just to survive

You, who have seen
only the smiles,
and wonder how
it’s all so easy for me

I can’t show you
how tough it is
for the only thing
I don’t wear on my sleeve
is my pain

©2017 Uma Venkatraman ~ All Rights Reserved